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Existing platforms allow for communication to existing readership and writing community. Including, but not limited to, Tumblr, Wordpress, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.



15,130 Unique Visitors 


average of 56 posts per year




Statistics are from the period of January 1, 2013 through September 20, 2015.




Average over 5,000 impressions per month

highest level of Interactions with industry professionals.

  • Rebecca Schinsky, book Riot

  •  Giles hash, Beyond the trope podcast

  • literary agent Sara MegiboW, KT Literary

  • Authors, Quincy J. Allen & Tamar HelA



The fictitious company of Maritimus Energy is the company that built The Thales, the submerged renewable energy station that serves as the setting for the majority of the narrative. A faux website will be constructed about the company, including company statements, preview of The Thales station, and a "Meet the Crew" page that features the nine crew members of The Thales.

This page will help to set the stage and create a conversation with readers. This unique engagement takes a lead from such films as "Jurassic World" and "X-Men: Days of Future Past," that setup websites for the companies within their narrative. In these instances, the websites were for Masrani and Trask Industries, respectively. #WelcometotheThales


An author blog tour will occur. Fellow authors willing to participate include, but are not limited to, Josh Vogt, Quincy J. Allen, Stant Litore, Travis Heermann, Aaron Michael Ritchey, Amy Kessler, Jennifer Kincheloe, M.H. Boroson, as well as a special appearance on the Beyond the Trope Podcast.

Release promotional plan


As a part of the promotional plan, a specialty podcast will air. The podcast will help raise awareness of the upcoming novel, and feature discussions with pivotal partners that provided research to make the novel a reality. Interview subjects will discuss important topics such as renewable energy, ocean conservation and those working in the industry. Interview subjects include:

  • Jocelyn Leitzinger, Energy/Erb Institute Dow Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Michigan 

  • Jitendra Morankar, Director of Solar Engineering at RES Americas

  • Joe Lilly, Navigator and Maintenance Technician at Delta Oceanographics

  • Katherine Dykes, Senior Engineer at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • Stephanie Pechan, Science Teacher at Robert Down Elementary School, 2014 nominee for Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching

  • John M. DeCicco, Research Professor at the University of Michigan Energy Institute

  • Jackie Eisenbaum, Volunteer Coordinator at Deep Blue Sea Foundation 

Before the release of the novel, the hashtag #PowertheWorld will be the center of the campaign. Periodic research articles will be sent out via the author's established blog, focusing on the author process and the specialists that provided incredible insight into the narrative. This will be used for all social media preceding the release of the novel.

Cover design by Kyla Umemoto. See more at her website.

Cover design by Kyla Umemoto. See more at her website.


A Deluxe Edition will be created in an effort to provide extended assistance to the much needed fields of renewable energy and ocean conservation. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup and Windaid, two non-profit organizations helping the environment in their own way.

The ocean cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup was founded by 20-year-old Boyan Slat. The organization aims to removed an estimated 7,250,000 tons of plastic from the ocean. Donations will go toward their launch next year and support the sustained efforts to clean the ocean from debris.


WindAid provides electricity to developing communities utilizing wind energy to deliver a clean and reliable source of electricity in locations where traditional resources is not available. Students and professionals come from all over the world to work together designing, building, and installing wind generators. Each project contributes to the evolution of the design, or reinforces the solidity of the design concepts encouraging an environment of education and innovation.


deluxe edition components


Designs were made for the layout of The Thales. The deluxe edition will include early sketches as well as finalized designs of how The Thales went from a broad vision to a realized concept.


Massive amounts of research went into making Current come together. Interviews with renewable energy professors, submersible drivers, turbine and nuclear engineers. The deluxe edition will include those interviews, and how the research was applied to create believable characters, the roster of The Thales crew, and make Current a relevant narrative.

Welcome to the Thales

A new employee orientation manual, it guides "new hires" through the process of becoming a part of The Thales crew.  It will include safety procedures, turbine grid information, maps of every floor, accommodations, historical articles on Maritimus Energy and how The Thales came to fruition.