Thomas A. Fowler: Author of Nerdy Things

Penny Dread Tales


The Hour Wheel

In this tome, the third installment of the Penny Dread Tales series, we explore not only the darker side of steampunk but also the black, sullied underbelly of the human condition. The nightmare of Jack the Ripper stalks these pages… drenching them in blood… twice. Slavery, the murder of the weak and helpless, dire choices of life and death: these tragedies and more become fodder for the mind, where the possessed and dispossessed steal men’s lives, and in some cases, their souls. This volume is rich with shadowy settings shrouded in fog, and the ensuing brutality is glimpsed piecemeal through windows of moonlight where dark shadows hide nefarious villains plotting murder and mayhem upon unsuspecting victims. PDT3 carries the reader to the four corners of the Earth and beyond. It traverses the centuries, from the Victorian era all the way into a future 40,000 years distant. It is an exploration of mankind’s darkest dreams and nightmares, and in its reading you too may experience nightmares where might In Darkness Clockwork Shine.

In Fowler's story, The Hour Wheel, a group of mercenaries fly in their blimp to return the Hour Wheel to its rightful place, a return to bring balance to their world. But in their way are mech-spiders, flying attackers, and a former crew member who has turned on them and obsessed with taking the Hour Wheel for himself. The crew were the only ones to stop the saboteur and get the Hour Wheel back where it belongs.