If you've arrived at this page, you've been invited to contribute to Crash Philosophy. An interactive experience, web users will be able to choose a character and setting from two dropdown menus. Upon finishing their selection, the website will generate a story written by an author.

That's where you come in. I'd like for you to contribute a story, or stories, to Crash Philosophy. Signups will be on a first come, first serve basis. If this is successful, we'll keep adding new characters and settings as long as it gains traction and awareness.


Have fun. These character and setting combinations are weird. Embrace it.

  • Stories are due by December 31, 2017
  • Make the stories as long, or short, as you'd like. Tell a funny story in a paragraph? Excellent. Have a full-fledged short story? Bring it. Wouldn't go over 10,000 words though. Remember this is a collection of short stories on the web.
  • Maximum of 5 stories per contributor.
  • Your contributions can be standalone or your stories can have a connective thread. Your choice.
  • R-Rated content is acceptable as long as it has context and reason behind it. Tell a good story, don't get violent or sexual just because you can.
  • No Erotica. All other genres acceptable.
  • Authors will be paid $15 for each story provided. In addition, the 100 stories will be put into an anthology. Each author will receive a contributor copy and be able to purchase printed copies of the anthology at a discounted rate to sell at conventions and appearances.
  • Send stories to Submissions (at) NerdyThingsPublishing (dot) com with the e-mail subject line "Crash Philosophy - AUTHOR NAME - CHARACTER - SETTING"
  • Send manuscripts in standard publishing format
    • Title on First Page
    • By Line on First Page
    • 1 Inch Margins All Sides
    • Times Roman 12pt Font
    • Double-Spaced (Use Styles, not Tabs.)
    • First Page Header (Contact Information will be used for author-publisher contact only)
      • Legal Name
      • Pen Name (If Applicable)
      • E-Mail Address
      • Mailing Address
    • Subsequent Header
      • Last Name of Author Name
      • Story Title
      • Page Number