Thomas A. Fowler is the author of nerdy things. His feature film, “The Code: Legend of the Gamers,” screened at film festivals and is now available on IMDb. His screenplay, "Dreams of Exile," was a finalist at the Paranoia Horror Film Festival for Best Original Screenplay.

His short story, “The Hour Wheel,” is available in The Penny Dread Tales: Volume III – In Darkness Clockwork Shine. His latest publication is the short story, “Adam’s Ale,” the September installment in the Story of the Month Club.

Fowler’s blog, The Writer’s Conquest, utilizes his experience in advertising to help writers and creative types market themselves. Viewed in over 135 countries, the site helps everyone from aspiring writers to established authors.

His love of science-fiction sparked to life after seeing "Jurassic Park" in theaters as a kid. Upon reading, "Based on the novel by Michael Crichton," he went straight from the movie theater to the book store and consumed as much Crichton as his allowance permitted. Since then, he actively seeks out fiction utilizing research to inform the characters and narrative, such as Hugh Howey, Mike Meginess, and Andy Weir.

Find out more at, or connect with him on Twitter @thomasafowler.

Previous Publications

Ways of the beast (2004)

One Act Play, performed 2004 in Little Theater of the Rockies. Tommy Award Nomination for Best One-Act Play.

the code: Legend of the gamers (2007)

Feature length film featured in film festivals. Now available on IMDb.

Dreams of exile (2008)

Nomination - Best Horror Feature Length Screenplay. Paranoia Horror Film Festival.

the hour wheel (2013)

Short story in published anthology, Penny Dread Tales: Volume III - In Darkness Clockwork Shine. Published by RuneWright Publishing. Edited by Christopher Ficco.

Madness by catherine winters (2014)

Co-editor of the literary fiction novel.

adam's Ale (2015)

Short story published through Story of the Month Club.


Screenplay submitted to the Mile High Horror Film Festival.

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