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Photo by  Laura Mahoney .

Photo by Laura Mahoney.


Crash Philosophy

A digital and print reading experience, Fowler created Crash Philosophy that combines unique characters and settings, giving the reader the choice of creating their own reading experience.

Porcelain Prompts

A series of books published through Spine Press + Post to help writers plop a little writing into their lives. Each volume, focused on a specific writing topic, includes 20 prompts and 5 articles, just long enough for visit to the porcelain throne.

Shatter Your Image

Anthology of short-stories and poems benefiting Realize Your Beauty, a non-profit helping teens and adolescents with eating disorder awareness and positive body image. April 2017.

The Writer's Conquest: Establish a Brand

Non-fiction marketing book for writers. Published by Nerdy Things Publishing. June 2016.

Adam's Ale

Short story published in the Story of the Month Club. September 2015.


Editor of novel written by author Catherine Winters. November 2014.

The Hour Wheel

Short-story published in Penny Dread Tales: Volume III - In Darkness Clockwork Shine. Published by Runewright Publishing. March 2013.

Dreams of Exile

Original horror script nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the Paranoia Horror Film Festival. October 2009.

The Code: Legend of the Gamers

Original motion-picture screenplay also produced and directed by Fowler. Screened at film festivals. October 2007.

Ways of the Beast

Original one-act play performed at the Little Theatre of the Rockies. Nominated by University of Northern Colorado for Best One Act Play. December 2004.


At the age of 11, Thomas A. Fowler saw Jurassic Park. It was all nerdy as hell from there. Especially when he stuck around for the end credits and saw "Based on the novel by Michael Crichton." He went straight from the movie theater, walked down the mall to a Walden Books.

Thomas A. Fowler is the author of nerdy things. Starting in theater and film, he wrote and directed several plays. His one act, “Ways of the Beast,” received a UNC Nomination for Best Production. His feature film, “The Code: Legend of the Gamers,” screened at a few film festivals and is now available to stream on IMDb. While writing novels, he’s had short stories published by RuneWright Publishing and in Story of the Month Club, where he won the competition to be the featured author on the annual publication of the collected stories. He’s the author of the  

Writer’s Conquest: Establish a Brand where he took his experience and education in advertising to help authors market themselves.

That opened the door to multiple appearances at Denver Comic Con as well as several other conventions and specialty lectures for Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers in his home state of Colorado. He’s also released Shatter Your Image, an anthology of short stories and poems he edited and contributed to. The anthology proceeds go to Realize Your Beauty, a non-profit organization helping with eating disorder awareness and positive body image.

When he isn't writing, Fowler tries to be the best husband he can be and works to achieve his dream so he can prove to his daughters they can do anything they want in life. He also works as the Marketing Director for Spine Press + Post, a company providing publishing and marketing services to authors and publishers.

Thomas A. Fowler

Thomas A. Fowler